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This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. We don't believe anything should go wrong, but please ensure you have backups of any important data anyway. The Windows Update websites offered here are unofficial. This project is for archival purposes only. Read legal information to learn more.

This is a community based project aimed at restoring the old Windows Update websites for Windows 95, NT4, 98, Me, 2000 and XP. We actively update the project & website with new available updates and pages.

Ever since 2011 when Microsoft pulled the plug on nearly all the Windows Update websites, the Windows Update feature for older Windows operating systems was no longer functional. The only way to install updates after that point was through external third-party installers which didn't cover all the updates that the operating system would fully support. So, with this project, we can now update operating systems as old as Windows 95 all the way through Windows XP RTM like we used to back in the day.

The Windows Update Website provides users with security (critical) updates, optional software updates, driver updates, and other types of software for your operating system. Windows Update Restored is aimed at restoring Windows Update websites, the Automatic Updates feature and the Critical Update Notification Tool in Windows 98 to XP. Wanna learn more about what is available with Windows Update Restored? See the FAQ!

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This website requires a minimum of Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, but we recommend Internet Explorer 5.5. To download Internet Explorer 5.5, click here.

Windows Update Restored v3.1

Windows Update Restored v4

Windows Update Restored v5

Community Links

MSFN Forum: Visit the forum where the project began

Discord Server: Want to ask us a question? The Discord is the right place!


This project doesn't mean that you should keep using older unsupported versions of Windows. Getting security updates for those old operating systems may not protect you in today's online world and against modern viruses. There are plenty of security holes in these operating systems and there's a reason why Microsoft took down the Windows Update websites for them. You should use a modern supported operating system like Windows 10, Windows 11, or even a Linux distro.

The Windows Update Restored team

@WULover, @TecAdam, @WinFX, @Trisi, @maile3241, @EZUser, @dtm22, @milleniumtech_it, @Lewis the dog, @gmkid, @ward201185, @WInUpdateFanv3, @Dusan Vicic, @Ryujin, @theonegoofali

Other credits: Daniel Mysilvets (Windows Update Restored logo designer - v3.1 style), Signé JARB (Windows Service Packs provider)

All of this wouldn't be possible without The Wayback Machine, which preserved those old files, websites, and information that would otherwise be lost forever.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this amazing project on MSFN and more! Thank you for all the time spent getting each and every bit of this to work!


What's new on Windows Update Restored?

     More and more new downloads are coming!

The Download Center is being filled with new files! We are providing more working online installers of Internet Explorer (versions 5.5 SP2 & 6.0 SP1), and the Windows Service Packs page is getting more and more files in multilanguage! From Windows 95 to Microsoft Windows XP, all Service Packs are provided in multilanguage.

      New inventories for Windows Update v2 & v3.1!

When we first launched those websites, the updates and inventories were only available in English. With the contribution of Windows Update inventories from many users (huge thanks to them!), we were able to add more languages to the existing ones such as Finnish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese Simpified and Japanese! Please note that not all configurations are working with those languages.


      Bugs and translation errors fixed on Windows Update v4

Windows Update v4 had many issues with translations and ActiveX controls. With a long and hard work, we fixed the vast majority of those bugs and translation errors. If you encounter an issue one day, please report it by contacting us.