Windows Update Restored v2

Make sure to read all the information provided on this page about Windows Update Restored v2 before using it!


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The History of the Website

In 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98, the successor of Windows 95. Windows 98 was the first Windows operating system to include the Windows Update feature, located at the top of the Start Menu. The original Windows Update website was upgraded to a newer version in late 1998, becoming what Windows Update Restored v2 is. This website is the predecessor of Windows Update v3.0/3.1, and both revisions have the same user interface and design. Though, Windows Update v2 was only designed to work with Internet Explorer 4.0 (which shipped with Windows 98 First Edition), later upgraded to Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5/6.0. Windows Update v2 introduced a more user friendly interface, as well as a new logo and a better looking Product Updates Catalog.

Screenshots Gallery

Here are a few screenshots featuring Windows Update Restored v2 (French):

Windows Update Restored v2 - Product Updates Catalog (click to open the picture in full size)   Windows Update Restored v2 - Customize Windows Update (click to open the picture in full size)   Windows Update Restored v2 - Download Basket (click to open the picture in full size)

Known Issues

Windows Update Restored v2 does not work with any other browser than Internet Explorer 4.0. You will get 404 pages in each frame if you're using the site with an unsupported language or browser.

Operating Systems

Windows Update Restored v2 currently works with the following operating systems only:


Windows Update Restored v2 currently supports the following languages:

Any other language won't work, as we are missing the files for them to work. If you think you have the inventories to get the other languages to work with Windows Update Restored v2, please get in touch with us in either our Discord Server or our MSFN topic!