Read This First - What You Need To Know


Windows Update v2: You get 404 pages in each frame.

Windows Update v2 is for now only designed for Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows 98 First Edition (English, German and French) ONLY. No other languages and browsers are supported.

Windows Update v3.1: Not all languages and operating systems are supported.

The Windows Update v3 website uses encrypted inventories, which were not all archived (and for now we're unable to recreate them). If the website displays "Cannot Display Page" when using it, then we're likely missing the inventory you need.

We do not offer offline copies of the website or the updates.

We get many times this question, and I (WULover) answer it frequently, but no, we do not offer the updates and websites we host for offline purposes.

Windows Update v4: You might encounter crashes.

This is a bug we're aware of, and we're trying our best to fix these crashes. They might still happen sometimes. Please the crashes you encounter with Windows Update v4.

Windows Update v5: The website does not work, even with the prerequisites.

Windows Update v5 is now usable, but requires all the prerequisites to be installed properly on the system according to the instructions.

Now that you're aware of all the questions and bugs you might ask and encounter, click one of the Windows Update links in the left sidebar. Happy browsing!

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