About the Windows Update Restored project

Discover the quick history of the Windows Update Restored project.

The history of the project

On March 2022, a user by the name of WULover created a thread called "Microsoft Windows Update v3/v4/v5" on MSFN (available on the left sidebar) asking if people could help him to recreate the old Windows Update websites locally. Many people joined him and helped a lot, with developers, testers and other jobs inside the project. More than 1 year later, we came up with Windows Update Restored which was launched to the public, making the old Windows Update websites available for everyone to use.

Contact us

You can contact us using our Discord server (in the left sidebar) or by email at captainter06 (at) overrender.com or here.


Legal information

Legal informations about Windows Update Restored can be found on this page.