Privacy Policy

Learn more about how data is collected and used by Windows Update Restored.


Collected Data

We do not collect any data. The one used to check for updates is not accessible by Windows Update Restored, and only stays on your local machine. Collecting personal data is something that no one of the Windows Update Restored team like and want, so we do not collect anything. You won't have the feeling of being spied on when using Windows Update Restored. As we're hosting the websites by our own, no data or requests goes to Microsoft Corporation.

Data used by Windows Update when checking for updates

This is what Windows Update uses when checking for updates:
  - The current Microsoft software installed on your computer (only Windows products, like Windows Media Player, etc.);
  - The name and version number of the Windows operating system you're checking for updates on;
  - The version numbers of the Windows software installed on your computer.

That's all. Windows Update does not use anything else to provide you the latest updates for your computer. This is available for every version of Windows Update & Microsoft Windows. Please also note that all this data is only used locally, and nothing is being sent to Windows Update Restored.

Ads and Traffic Revenue

Nothing is collected at all. We are completely against advertisements or anything related to selling personal data to third-party companies of any kind. We do not make any profits in general, and the server costs are generously paid by millennium_tech, which is the server owner.